Miguel Zenon’s “Identities are Changeable”

Miguel Zenón possesses rare talent, both for the level of his alto saxophone virtuosity and the ability to make complex compositions immediate and accessible. But he’s but one of many who moved to New York City to pursue jazz. And he’s one of over one million New-York-area residents of Puerto Rican origin.

Recently, he interviewed a number of fellow transplanted Puerto Ricans, especially musicians, about their ethnic and national identities. That audio formed the frameworks for a new suite of compositions for quartet and large ensemble, collected on his new album Identities Are Changeable. In advance of the album release in the Fall of 2014, he presents that music with the ‘Identities’ Big Band at the Newport Jazz Festival.

3:10Through Culture and Tradition
16:45Same Fight
31:25My Home
46:26First Language

Miguel Zenón, Henry Cole, Luis Perdomo, Hans Glawischnig, Chris Cheek, Samir Zarif, Will Vinson, Michael Thomas, John Ellis, Tim Albright, Ryan Keberle, Alan Ferber, Alexander Norris, Mat Jodrell, Michael Rodriguez, Jonathan Powell

Producers: Patrick Jarenwattananon, Nick Michael, Suraya Mohamed / Editor: Nick Michael / Concert Video: Keith Quick / Event Producers: Colin Marshall / Audio Engineers: Steve Remote, Aura:Sonic, Ltd., Suraya Mohamed / Additional Video: David Dempewolf, Colin Marshall, Nick Michael, A.J. Wilhelm / Additional Audio: Kevin Wait / Special Thanks: Newport Jazz Festival, Katie Simon / Executive Producer: Anya Grundmann

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