Live recording from the Munich Summer Piano Festival 1982
This concert features the acclaimed jazz pianist Chick Corea and the late Cypriot piano virtuoso Nicolas Economou. Both musicians are accomplished composers and they give solo performances of their own work, with Corea playing his Children’s Songs and Economou his Études for Children. The pianists then join each other on stage to perform Chick Corea’s Duet for Two Pianos in Three Parts.

Chick Corea – Children Songs
0:55 No.1
2:35 No.2
3:21 No.3
4:35 No.5
5:40 No.6
9:10 No.10
10:30 No.11
11:10 No.13
12:25 No.17
13:14 No.19
15:00 No.
17:08 No.20

Watch the full concert:

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