From This Place
Composed and Arranged by Pat Metheny
Lyric by Alison Riley

Pat Metheny: Guitar
Meshell Ndegeocello: Vocal

Gwilym Simcock: Piano
Linda May Han Oh: Bass, Voice
Antonio Sanchez: Drums
Orchestral Arrangement by Alan Broadbent
The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Conducted by Joel McNeely

Produced by Pat Metheny
Co-Produced by Steve Rodby

Video by Robert Edridge-Waks

From This Place:

From this place I cannot see
Heart is dark,
beneath rising seas

From this place, I don’t believe
All my hopes,
my sweet relief

From here, I say I cannot breathe (I cant breathe)
Fear and hurt
again we bleed

Unsafe, unsound, unclear to me
dont know how to be

From this place, I must proceed
Trust in love,
truth be my lead
From here I will stand with thee
Until hearts are truly free

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