Ralph Towner

Ralph Towner: 12-string and classical guitars, piano
Jan Garbarek: tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
Eberhard Weber: bass, cello
Jon Christensen: drums, percussion

Get the 180g vinyl: http://bit.ly/2qO9qjs

* Deutscher Schallplattenpreis 1976

Down Beat: “Solstice inspires through its expressive opennessrevealing depth of texture, nuance and meaning.”

Perfect Sound Forever: “The LP is not only one of the moodiest ever published by ECM, but by anyone.”

Solstice, recorded 1974, belongs to the great early production projects of ECM, with a new band formed in the studio. Its the first of Towners recorded encounters with the European players, and this US-Norwegian-German quartet has a character all its own. Ralphs synthesis of classical guitar technique and jazz improvisational skills inspires all participants on now-famous tunes includingNimbusandOceanus”. (Many future associations grew out of this meeting, including the Garbarek/Towner collaboration on Dis, and the integration of Eberhard Weber into the Jan Garbarek Group, and of Jon Christensen into Webers Colours band.)

ECM 1060


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